Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stole it fair and square

Can we now dispense with the fiction that Zimbabwe is a democracy? Robert Mugabe is President for Life.

If violently stealing an election doesn't justify revolution, I'm not sure that any political crime could, but I still have no idea whether it's practical in Zimbabwe.


Mike W. said...

And why is it not practical? Because the government has an absolute monopoly on force.

“We fought for this country, and a lot of blood was shed,” Mr Mugabe told his supporters. “We are not going to give up our country because of a mere X. How can a ballpoint fight with a gun?”

If there was ever an example of why we have the 2nd Amendment in this country Zimbabwe is it.

lovable liberal said...

Yeah, I'm sure you're going to take on the U.S. military with your 9 mm and your AR-15. Right. How fast do you want to be dead?

lovable liberal said...

I should add a little here. You're right, Mike, that the Second Amendment was intended as a bulwark against the government accumulating too much power, hence the introductory clause, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,...". The Founders explicitly recognized that this division of power would require more than individual action.