Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bushist defense

Nothing new here. We already lied in defense of the previous lies.

Oh, and everyone else was just as stupid as we were.

(Shhh, never mind the liberal blogosphere.)


Unknown said...

Just can not get the facts on the table with this administration. Facts are allways liberal bullshit. Why don't the Republicans remove their heads from ..... the sand and address the items reported as fact.

Please deny or confirm the accusations instead of changing the subject.

Old news or NOT this Whitehouse is STILL a bunch of liars and will NOT address the Facts.

Anonymous said...

The White House under President Bush, is the most honest and upfront Administration since the great Reagan era of the 1980's.

We are at war, people, remember this! We desperately need a strong and resolute President like George W. Bush, and we should be glad to live in so historic an age as this. We are here in an age when the various militaries of the Al Qa'aedenese, Hezbollians, and Hamassi forces are virtually at our shores. This attempt by the Looney Left to discredit the White House in so critical a time of war, is tantimount to Treason.

The 20.20 hindsight of history will look upon the Bush Era of 2000 to '09 as the time when a leader assembled America's best, and took the fight to the enemies of Good and Democracy and Capitalism. I only hope that up and coming President McCain can live up to such tremendous high ideals.

Anonymous said...

This whole administration has been about lying to the American people. The War was planned by the Neo-conservatives before Bush became president, that was why it was so important that he get the nomination. Go to google and take a look at the PNAC Report which was developed by a Washington "Think Tank". They developed a scheme to pre-emptively invade IRAQ before Bush became president. Iraq was supposed to be the "Privatization for the New American Century". All of the key developers of this report became part of this administration, Bush, Channey, Rumsfield, Wolfawicz, Richard Pearl and Scooter Libby. Google "PNAC Report" and take a stiff drink.

lovable liberal said...

Ted, your doctorate must be one of the Piled higher and Deeper kind. Only one sentence you wrote is true.

Keep drinking that Kool-Aid.