Monday, June 2, 2008

No flag pin

Robert Byrd, the oldest and longest-serving current Senator, is shown here scandalously missing a flag pin. Instead, he has a pin representing the Constitution. Obama, are you listening? Do this. Go the flag one better.

Image severely cropped and used under Fair Use.


Anonymous said...

While I belive that Obama is VERY patriotic and those who say otherwise are looking for reasons not to support the freshest person to come along in politics since JFK.

I agree with your suggestion, especially since Obama taught constitutional law. However, I think a combo pin is better.

Challenge to all pin makers - please design Obama a flag pin that includes the constitutional emblem.

Ready for CHANGE
Obama 08 & 12

Anonymous said...

Why Change the best Country in the world?

Which Constitution did he (Obama) teach from?

You need to be specific. Is it the one from the U.S.A.?

lovable liberal said...

Anon 1, I'd say that Anon 2 (the return of the Germanic capitalizer!) proves your point.

Anonymous said...

So did you find a pin maker yet?

PeteinDC said...

You all argue over the dumbest things here. Who gives a f*ck which pin a politician is wearing. Look at how they vote and where they get their money from... And think about Obama's speech at AIPAC this week! Sick... I guess we can expect four more years of kow-towing to a blindly pro-Israeli agenda while Palestinians to suffer slow motion genocide. I'll be voting for Cynthia McKinney.

lovable liberal said...

Nice to hear from you, too, PeteInDC. Glad to hear you still have your principles. You'll never vote for anyone who makes a difference, but you'll always have your ideological purity.

But I'm happy for you to do some drive-by trolling here, this time from the left, since I already have an anonymous wingnut troll. I'm proud of both of you!