Monday, September 10, 2007

You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny

The Bushist White House can't help itself. It has to try to make reality fit its fantasies. Frances Townsend, wearing Fox News red on CNN, twits Osama with the civilian equivalent of "Bring 'em on."

Bin Laden could be impotent if we had focused on al Qaeda instead of sending him a lifetime supply of Viraqra. Unless of course ED meds now work on corpses...

Now that I think of it, American pharma needs to get to work closing the sex in heaven gap. The jihadis expect seventy-odd virgins (maybe very odd if Youtube is right). Nevermind the women, what can a red-blooded American boy expect for his dusty martyrdom? Monogamy? It hardly seems fair.

Yes, I know the fundies are going to have some trouble with this...

(At this point, Graham Chapman's ghost should come in and say, "Awright. That's enough. Very silly." If only.)

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