Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some = all

Jack Cafferty commits a common media and Green Party fallacy: Just because Democrats and Republicans share some (admittedly bad) attributes, they share all bad attributes. Yes, Democrats in Washington are too beholden to corporate and wealthy contributors. But here's a small list of major advantages the Dems show me:

  • The party with anti-Iraq-war impetus even if not enough of it
  • The party of competent FEMA
  • The party that will even talk about reversing the Bushists' reverse Robin Hood tax policies
  • The party that cares about the environment
  • The party of equal rights
  • The party of Constitutional government and the rule of law
Yeah, none of that stuff matters.

"A pox on both their houses" is popular because it tells people they can give up on self-government. It's a waste of editorial space.

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