Monday, September 3, 2007

Bathroom humor

What Larry Craig did in the Minneapolis airport was not lewd, nor should it have been treated as a crime, but it sure has been fun to watch the Republicans scramble to sexually cleanse their party yet again.

Who'll be next? The other Larry - Flynt - is not telling. I wonder, did he have something to do with the release of this information? How did this two-month-old arrest come out now, anyway?

Oh, by the way, Craig was trying to find a tryst with another friend of Dorothy. The whole "I'm not gay" schtick sounds like the pleading of a first grader who just peed in his pants, "I spilled my water!" He knew he was caught and just wanted it to go away; most of us hets would have emphatically refused the smelly little coercive deal that he took in order to be quietly on his way. Now he takes a wide stance before the microphone and says he's going to "fight" to reopen the plea. Yeah, sure, and he's going to sue the media for besmirching his name, too. I'd bet on pro se or not at all. There's no one to sue about this since he can't sue himself for arrogant stupidity or inconvenient appetites.

This guy is a rank paleocon traditionalist. Maybe he's a top and thinks that means he's not actually gay.

No matter. He's had his last fifteen minutes of fame, also his first. Really, had anyone outside Idaho ever even heard of him before?

The world won't be any better off either. The Republican governor of Idaho will appoint another reliable medieval vote, presumably one without such obvious feet of clay.

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