Saturday, September 15, 2007

Criticizing the military

If Americans can't criticize our military, particularly generals who have repeatedly let themselves be used by the Bushist regime, then John McCain's end of liberty is too moderate, and Duhbya should get it over with and roll the tanks down Pennsylvania Ave. to the Capitol. That would put an end once and for all to this messy, loud, fractious democracy, and we could all get back to watching "reality" TV.

Look at the last five years of statements from the military brass. Whenever one of them departed from the Bushist line, oops, he's purged, end of career. The remainder, not just Gen. Petraeus, who's a late arrival after all, have been heavily invested in Republican talking points and have engaged in politics in every statement to the media.

Did Peter Pace deserve criticism - perhaps even to impugn his integrity - when he publicly supported all the bonehead decisions Duhbya made that he now says he regrets? Of course.

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