Monday, September 3, 2007

Under cover

When these photo op morons can announce a visit to Baghdad three months in advance, not some secure undisclosed location in Anbar, then I'll think Iraq is more stable.

And, when the media notice that Duhbya is bullshitting them with his refrain that the commanders on the ground will decide, then I'll think there's hope for American media.

Update: It would also be a happy day if the lapdog media ever responded to bullshit like the following quote with anything approaching memory of all the previous times Duhbya has floated this very same claim for purely disingenuous reasons:

Bush stressed that any drawdown of troops was conditioned upon continuing improvements in security. No decision had been made on a reduction, he said. But security had improved to the point that he could "speculate on the hypothetical," he said.

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