Saturday, September 29, 2007


The Harvard fanzine, 02138, wants me to subscribe: "Finally, a magazine for you and the Harvard sensibility."

I enjoy being flattered, sure, but what I'm really looking for is sincere compliments. The "Harvard sensibility" really nails it, though. From the very beginning, Harvard tells its students how great they are - because they're at Harvard, and Harvard is great.

The complimentary (heh) September/October issue puts Al Gore on the cover as number 1 of the hundred most influential alums. Duhbya they rate number 2, though Al is realistic enough to scoff at 02138 for such foolishness. Heck, they probably couldn't get Duhbya to sit for an interview.

The Harvard 100 shows what motivates the Big H. 'Influence' is just a polite word for power. Fully six Supreme Court Justices attended Harvard Law School. Too bad about Stevens, Thomas, and Alito. They must have attended some inferior diploma mill. (Note to Yalies: joke - but you do have a lot to answer for, including Thomas, among others.)

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