Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Vote Green

Seriously, no way.

My friend Jamie Eldridge came in third of five in the Massachusetts 5th Congressional District Democratic primary. Niki Tsongas parlayed name recognition into victory in a safe campaign that led wire to wire and had no incentive to reach beyond a vague, establishment approach. Turning out the ones on your voter ID lists was the only game there was in this bizarre calendar that culminated yesterday, just as summer parted.

Jamie could have been another Jim McGovern, and it's a loss that we don't get that from him. (Yet, anyway - he's young; he has time to try again.) I didn't actually do much for Jamie, a $100. I'm a bit burned out on retail politics, and going door to door effectively if you don't have an irresistible drive to do it is just too hard. Ha, ask the next Jehovah's Witnesses to ring your doorbell.

Now I become a Tsongas supporter. She won't rock the boat, and that's too bad, but she has started the general election campaign on the right message:

Make no mistake, this election will be a referendum on the presidency of George Bush.
She gets something that the Washington Dems still have too much PTSD from 2003 to get: Duhbya is a stinking, putrid albatross around the necks of every Republican running in an even slightly competitive district.

Go Niki!

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