Saturday, September 1, 2007

The price of Iraq

I know the conventional wisdom is that Americans don't give a damn about anything in Africa. Well, white Americans, anyway. OK, white Americans older than college age. (I remember one candlelight march thirty years ago: What's the word? Johannesburg!)

One of the consequences of the dusty quagmire in Iraq is that no one at a principal's level in the American government has time for Darfur.

After the Holocaust, we said, "Never again." Turns out we were rationalizing as a salve for our consciences.

Now, the ADL needs intense negotiations to acknowledge the genocide that Armenians suffered. Bill Clinton failed utterly in Rwanda - by far the largest moral failing of his administration. Communist Vietnam stopped the Khmer Rouge, and that wasn't because they had moral objections.

And the Bushists have failed even to care about the Sudan, with the one small exception of a certain aspirin factory that they can hang around Bill Clinton's neck.

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