Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another legacy of the Bush family

Clarence Thomas remains narcissistically convinced that a hearing before the Senate is equivalent to dragging a man out of his bed, hooding him, beating him savagely, and hanging his body in a tree. He should try keening for someone else once in a while.

The wingnut loyalty apparatus is working to reward him, as they always do. Most of the copies of this slender screed will be distributed by right-wing organizations. They'll need to prove to the publisher that the $1.5 million advance was worth it. But most copies won't ever be read.

That's irrelevant. The purpose of this is to reward a loyal soldier foisted upon us by George H.W. Bush, who may look good in contrast to his useless son, but who really was a divisive shitheel, too.

One more thing: You'll never get Thomas to admit it, but I'd bet his grandfather never said, "You'll probably end up like your no-good daddy or those other no-good Pinpoint Negroes."

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