Wednesday, February 8, 2012


No prosaic proles for Mitt! Only the sublime life of creaming off the best from actual productive enterprises...

I wonder why the Republican voters in Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado didn't find this blast from the past appalling. Instead, Mitt Rmoney is not catastrophically extreme enough on abortion.

So, the primary clusterfuck goes on. Win!


Anonymous said...

I'll just bet that you would love to have some money too....LOSER!!!

lovable liberal said...

It's amazing how the credulous loser fools who so admire their richers and betters in the wealthy class always assume that liberals like me are in it for the money.

I'm not in the 1%, true, but I'm well up there in the top quintile.

We libs are in it for the middle class and its strong healthy effects on the economy, on democracy, and on a better society.

The wingnuts don't understand how anyone could be anything other than selfish - because selfishness drives their petty paltry little lives.