Thursday, February 23, 2012

Four words, ideological edition

The handful of you who are still tuning in to the endless purgatory of Republican (non) Presidential debates no doubt noticed when John King vacuously asked the four horse's-ass-men of democracy's apocalypse for a single word to sum themselves up. King of course gave enough forewarning that they were able to come up with self-flattering, thematically aligned, bullshit marketing.

That is not what I do, so...

  • Newt Gingrich - megalomaniac
  • Ron Paul - mammon-worshipping
  • Mitt Romney - wealthy
  • Rick Santorum - theocratic


lovable liberal said...


One of my racist trolls tried to post a rejoinder in a comment. He was so worthless and weak that he slammed four words together into one, as if we were speaking Nazi German.

The contained words? Transparent falsehoods on President Obama's economics and religion, a misspelled simple word on his truthfulness, and a racial slur.

This, Amerikkkan conservatism, is your dark, slimy, ugly underbelly. Until Republicans renounce it and stop pandering to it, they are responsible for it.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha asshole...I'm not a Republican!!

lovable liberal said...

If you could read with understanding, you could tell that I was holding Teapublicans responsible for you, the seamy underbelly - because they continue to pander to you and your fellow reich-wing extremists.