Saturday, February 4, 2012

Leaky bucket

Those worries that government aid gets delivered in a leaky bucket that Mitt Romney heard about in Econ 101? Not so leaky after all.

More efficient than many private sector organizations, health insurance companies for instance.

Mitt Romney (R-job destroyer) gets away with an incredible amount of bullshit because he has a reputation for knowing something. If he does, he's lying. That's my belief.

(h/t Jared Bernstein)


Anonymous said...

Announcement; This information was compiled by assholes for other assholes. Nothing to see here.

lovable liberal said...

I am so tired of wingnut morons. They don't even bother to make claims about reality.

If this info was compiled for assholes, it obviously found one of its dipshit moronic targets when it found Anonymous.