Friday, February 24, 2012

Save the jets

Of course, Ann Coulter interrupts to bullshit that "they were all Democrats." (Maybe the rich never serve their jury duty either.)


Anonymous said...

You desperately need to see how taxing the rich doesn't work. If you took the entire fortunes of the two richest men in the world, Buffet and Gates...Democrats both, that would equal 100 billion dollars. That wouldn't fund the U.S. government for much past a week you idiot!

lovable liberal said...

So, anonymous, you're stupid and innumerate enough to come here and defend the middle class subsidizing the tax-free jets of the ruling class!?

First, the stupid part. I can't believe you're one of the 1%, slumming on this blog. That means you're a fool, that you've been taken in by the bullshit of the plutocrats.

Now your total abject, easily seen moronic dipshit innumeracy: The 1% have plenty of money to contribute their fair share. The 1% take home about a fifth of the GDP!

Over time, the Top 1% has claimed a bigger share of the income pie. In 2007, they earned 22.8% of the nation's income, more than double the amount in 1986, according to IRS data. The recession has since brought that slice down to just under 17% for 2009.

While those at the top have seen their incomes soar over time, middle-class incomes have stagnated.

You claim that taxing them won't make a difference, which is obvious bullshit.

Not only have the 1% gained essentially all of America's income gains for 3 decades, their taxes have been drastically reduced, via income tax rate cuts at the high end, corporate tax evasion (and the 1%'s corporate wealth is even more disproportionate than their income), and the elimination of the estate tax.

You can't count, and you should learn enough to stop trusting all your sources of economic and taxation information.

Anonymous said...

Please follow the link I provided will be enlightened!

lovable liberal said...

Enlightened? Ho-ho-ho.

You think we want the middle class not to pay taxes?

This idiot actually proves our case. There's a shit-load of money in the wealthy, and they're not paying their fair share.