Saturday, December 11, 2010

Still too complex for the Teapublicans

Paul Krugman, as always, gives us the gift of simple proof. High unemployment is due to a lack of demand, not a temporary dislocation that requires no intervention in the so-called free market.
There are no jobs, hence the need to extend unemployment benefits.

The Teapublican alternative: Stop benefits, tell the longterm unemployed that they're on their own, and necessarily reduce aggregate demand in the economy as a whole. This is a perfect way to continue to reduce demand in the labor market, leading to even more unemployment and exhaustion of benefits.

Who wins in a persistently deflating labor market? Not people who work for a living, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

Paul Krugman has no validity in his teachings as he is a vicious leftist. Krugman is a mouthpiece of the administration and the Marxist movement. His analysis of prevailing economic conditions is tainted by his need to serve his master the chocolate Messiah. To pay any attention to Krugman concerning a capitalist economy would have the same affect of allowing a gutter drunk to manage a liquor store.

lovable liberal said...

What were you just whining about? Attacking the messenger!

Paul Krugman has frequently criticized President Obama. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

Krugman is a Keynesian, which is not the same thing as a Marxist. Y'see, dipshit, Marxists don't have to worry about business cycles and bubbles. Capitalists do - except for laissez faire capitalists, who also don't worry about business cycles, since their wealth will get them through the hard times while their servants starve.

You throw words around, but you don't know anything about their actual meanings. There's no oxy- in your moron.

Anonymous said...

The Keynesian economic model is designed to destroy free market Capitalism. Once the market is destroyed, Marxism or Communism will take root. I’d like to remind you that there are dozens of countries on the planet that you would find to be a socialist utopia. Please don’t wait to destroy this one as it may take some time. I’d be happy to take up a collection, in your behalf, for a one way ticket to Cuba or Zimbabwe.

lovable liberal said...

Yeah, see, I knew this would be too complex for you.

Once again, you show that you know nothing about Keynes. Or Krugman. Or me. Or, basically, anything.

Why not go Galt if you're such a superman?

Anonymous said...

I just love how Ayn Rand is still able to irritate you socialists.

lovable liberal said...

The proof that Ayn Rand was capable: She could fool credulous fools into believing her social theories when she couldn't even write a credible character, much less a credible plot. She couldn't even make her own theories work in her imagination.