Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Infotainment, not information

Mediamatters tries mockery to tarnish Princess Sarah, and that's good as far as it goes.  But mocking her as a misinformer is weak tea.  The teabaggers and indeed most Americans have already shown that they decide their votes based on infotainment, rather than information.

And the Princess excels at vain displays of a neck-snapping blend of self-entitlement and victimhood. 

It's puzzling that so many self-described real American men can't tell that yet another pretty, self-centered high school cheerleader is using them.  Even at the huge distance between their loungers and the set of Fox News, they're thinking with their dicks.  About which she'd say to herself, "You are never getting near me with that wrinkled piece of past-dated vienna sausage."

What do you think, video-pheromones?


Anonymous said...

Chicken won't post my comments.

You ugly fat Lesbain democrats hating Sarah Palin crack me up. If you looked babelusciuos like her youd vote Republican to.

lovable liberal said...

What turnip truck did you fall off of? Or - were you pushed?