Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lying to you

I surely can't be the first person to notice this. (Don't call me Shirley. RIP.)

Paul Steinhauser of CNN completely misrepresented a McClatchy-Marist poll.

The actual poll asked whether voters think Republicans ought to compromise with Democrats to get things done:

The Republicans have control of the House of Representatives. Which statement comes closer to your view about what you think should happen:
  • The Republicans should compromise with the Democrats and President Obama to get things done
  • The Republicans should stand firm on their positions even if it means things don't get done
Steinhauser dishonestly portrays the results as showing that the voters want Democrats and Republicans to work together.
One day before a White House meeting between President Barack Obama and top congressional leaders from both political parties, a new poll suggests most Americans want Democrats and Republicans to compromise.
The actual poll is about what Republicans should do. Steinhauser spins it into a bullshit balance, portraying the voters as saying something they didn't say.

Some liberal media! In my newsroom, this would be a firing offense. If I only had a newsroom.

Why does it matter if the media lies about polls? Those lies can actually push people toward different positions. That's why candidates and parties pimp their biased partisan polls during election season.


Anonymous said...

One thing is certain and that’s the fact that the American voter has rejected the Marxist policies of the administration and their minions in congress. The new Republican leadership should stand firm, on the necks if necessary, against the socialist agenda of the axis of evil known as Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

lovable liberal said...

Really, the only thing that's certain is that you're delusional.