Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wretched refusal

Greetings, news-and-politics junkies. It's David Westphal here from USC Annenberg. We're witnessing quite a showdown these days between the White House and Fox News, with the White House raising the stakes last Sunday on Howard Kurtz' "Reliable Sources" show on CNN. Is this just a tactical, get-tough move by the White House? Or might we be seeing the start of a longer-running trend of presidents confronting unfriendly news outlets? Let's discuss.
What's wrong with this picture? David Westphal is completely unwilling to address the question of whether what the White House says is true.

Update (10/16): Another little bit of cupidity that's been bugging me:
[T]here's a lot of news reporting (especially away from the political beat) that looks like the reporting you'd get anywhere.
Shorter: Fox covers car wrecks without political bias, so they can't be bad journalists.

O.K., not much shorter, but stripped of its misdirecting bullshit.

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