Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not a coup if they like the guy

As long as the conservative business elites retain power, Republicans don't care about something so trifling as democracy or due process:

A delegation of Republican members of the United States Congress visited Tegucigalpa on Friday to offer support to Mr. Micheletti. The Obama administration has called for the restoration of Mr. Zelaya and it has suspended all military and some economic aid to the de facto government. Senator Jim DeMint, a Republican from South Carolina, said that calling Mr. Zelaya’s ouster a coup was “ill informed and baseless.”
Let's see. A democratically elected President was removed from office by the military and exiled, whereupon the army installed its own man as caretaker. Yep, sounds like a coup to me.


constant gina said...

Let the people of Honduras resolve what belongs to be resolved by Hondurans. Zelaya is another puppet of Hugo Chavez he hides behind a double face. Is not the people that support Zelaya the most, is the people that DONT WANT HIM BACK.

lovable liberal said...

Do the people of Honduras get to decide? How do the abrogation of human rights and the coup d'etat by the army figure into democracy?