Friday, October 2, 2009

Learn something new

Blogger limits me to 2000 keywords. Who knew! As of today, I've used 'em all.

So, since I'm out of keywords, I guess I'll have to quit. If I'd only known, I wouldn't have spent so much time conserving bits on Picasa Web, where Blogger stores images. I'm still below 1% of my allotted gigabyte.

This will have to be my last post...

Are you kidding me? Give this up? No way.

I had been thinking already that I needed to clean up my massive store of keywords, although my main concern was the scrolling length of my pages, not the length of the list. Now Blogger is forcing me. It's like the middle-aged brain my mother told me about: To remember something new, you have to forget something old. Fortunately, I will always have Google for backup.

Today, I lumped amt in with tax. What a daring radical! Fair warning to all you bullet keywords who aren't making your number - i.e. more than (1) - your days are numbered. Ha.

Update (10/5): As if anyone cares, Blogger's limit of 10 tags per post is new. I know this because Blogger refuses to allow me to remove tags from posts that don't conform!

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