Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thesis, antithesis, non sequitur

Y'know those ichthyus stick-ons that out Christians use to recognize each other?

O.k., even people who are out as Christians (most Americans) don't have the problems their forebears had in Rome, when they had to have secret ways of showing they weren't the dominant pagans. In those days, one Christian who might have actually been persecuted would draw an arc in the dust, innocent enough, and another might finish the fish in reference to the themes of fishing that run through the New Testament, notably but not only the miracle of the fish. (My favorite: "Become fishers of men.")

Of course, you've seen the evolutionist rejoinder, a fish with feet.

What I saw today: A shark with "Linux" written in the place of "Jesus" or "Darwin". Cracked me up.

Obviously, I had a lot of time to think while commuting to off-site training. Hard to believe that people make hour-plus commutes every day. What crazy things are they seeing?

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