Thursday, June 20, 2013

War on pervy creeps

James Taranto is feeling a bit put upon by all the great women who can tell after 30 seconds of listening to him that they will never sleep with him. The mere thought skeeves them out. They're thinking, "If I can just get away from this perv, I'll never have to breathe the same air again."

It's totally understandable that Taranto would mistake a war on pervy creeps for a war on all men. Totally.


Anonymous said...

This post is not complete without the mention of my two favorite Democrat pervs....Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner.

Anonymous said...

The Big Dog's got his zipper problems, no doubt. Wiener is pretty pervy and good for lots of dick jokes.

What about the Republican pervs. Did you forget them.

lovable liberal said...

Pervy creeps in only one party are claiming there's a war on men to explain their own failures with women.