Saturday, June 22, 2013

Virtue of self-delusion

Drastically at odds with the Christian Bible, yet the Republican Party claims to be based on both. Debased, more like it.

A self-described Christian who holds at the same time the morality of Jesus and the contradictory "virtuous" selfishness of Ayn Rand must believe, among other absurdities, that every charism from god to human must stop there and not be shared with any other human.

The Christian conservatives I know don't actually believe Rand's philosophy. They are often altruistic within their own circles, and their churches are often valuable social welfare providers. Why is it that they adopt her anti-altruism extremism in regard to every economic issue?


Anonymous said...

My BS detector maxed out after seeing that heavily edited leftist offering.

lovable liberal said...

You don't even have a BS detector if you're a wingnut.