Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Selling soap

The conservative movement is founded on twin implausible literary pillars.

One is Ayn Rand's fictional philosophy, epitomized by the execrable and ridiculous Atlas Shrugged. Calling it literary immediately demands an episode from Leonard Pinth-Garnell.

The other is an ossified literal reading of a notoriously dated translation into English of the bible. At least it has true literary merit, but anyone who labels it the inerrant word of god is either whoppingly ironic or resolutely opposed to learning. The King James translation was done a millennium and a half after the New Testament was written, written often by authors who lied about who they were and whose works have been canonized more theologically and politically than historically.

It's no surprise then that conservative Republicans in the House today spin tales they can't substantiate to outraged true believers.

Congressional investigators have not produced evidence to link the harassment of conservative groups to the White House or to higher-ups in the Obama administration. But the lack of evidence that any political appointee was involved hasn’t stopped the lawmakers from assuming that it simply must be true. And so, they are going to hold hearings until they confirm their conclusions.
Americans love soap operas. Who cares that these daytime dramas are at best semi-plausible half-truths!


Anonymous said...

The premise that "conservatism" is based on Atlas Shrugged and an outdated version of the Bible is neither true nor fair to thoughtful people on either side of the political isle.
IMHO. It is based on a persons right and responsibility to provide for themselves to their own ability; call this person A. Also, that within every person is the desire to help others; call this person B. When the controlling authority steps in as a middle man between person A and person B many things happen, such as the current fraud and abuse of power racking Washington today. After spending trillions upon trillions of dollars on welfare programs the percentage of people living at or below the poverty level has not changed.

lovable liberal said...

You object to the inclusion of the King James Bible as a sourcebook of the American conservative movement?

I ask because you've basically restated Ayn Rand.

Your comment is rife with inaccuracies, as well.