Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lying without consequence

"Obama inherited unemployment of 5.6%."

This is of course a lie, only one among many.


  • You can't trust their facts.
  • You can't trust their analysis.
  • You can't trust their good faith.
Our culture has been debased by bullshit. There are no longer any consequences for publicly and repeatedly lying. At least not if you're a conservative.

In past eras, even those dominated by assholes, Americans were able to see what was true and act on it. We no longer are - because an industry that is Constitutionally charged with showing the truth is dominated and steered by bought and paid for by right-wing corporatists.

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flymorgue2 said...

Trudat - now when will the stimuls bring unemployment to promised 8% levels. Or was that assertion simply not completely truthy? Tag this post as 'Bush's fault'