Sunday, August 7, 2011

Big media dies while we watch

For some reason, the big media represented by CNN continues to pay worthless blowhards like William Bennett to write up their vacuous opinions. This column amounts to "bring back the Lennon Sisters and Lawrence Welk."

Let's go back to jazz. None of those players took drugs. Suuure.

Oh, right, Bennett would only be schlerotically nostalgic for Big Band, and we know... Oh fudge.

Look, musicians such as Amy Winehouse are human. Some of them are fuck-ups just like the rest of us. Some of them die tragically. That's no reason not to recognize their work.

Take Bennett for example. He has a gambling problem. Everyone who claims they win at slots has a problem - with the truth at the very least. And this credibility-free button-presser ran up hundreds of thousands of debts playing slots like a lab rat with a pleasure electrode inserted in his rat brain.

Yet wingnuts still lap up his stuffy bullshit, so he can pay his gambling debts. Despite the fact that he's a talentless hack...

If Bennett had any talent, we should celebrate it even if he's an addict. His problem is that he has nothing to say that's worth saying. I'd say he should try taking something, but his face suggests that already alcohol hasn't worked.

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