Saturday, August 27, 2011

Debasing the brand

It's an inevitable result of capitalism that every quality brand is doomed eventually to debasement. (In Boston, Filene's De-Basement.) The reputation one entrepreneur has built will, in the depth of some business downturn, become the easy asset that some lazy bastard can exploit. This B-school grad will work the numbers and think he's an entrepreneur.

Fox owns National Geographic TV, which for no apparent reason from its origins is reporting on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, exploring the execrable Duhbya's memories of that day and time. The teasers for their show bear all the marks of soft propaganda.

I knew from the day I learned that Fox had bought Nat Geo that it too would become a propaganda vehicle. We'll see for sure tomorrow whether that has indeed happened.


flymorgue2 said...

That's Fox, not Foxnews. should all these people lose their jobs from your idiotic tinfoil hat confusioon? NBC own Versus - quick, change the channel!

lovable liberal said...

Readers, there's a good example of wingnut logic. Not to mention misplaced faith in the willingness of Rupert Murdoch to separate anything he owns from his authoritarian conservative political agenda. Evidence? That's not in the wingnut vocabulary.

flymorgue2 said...

That's "reader" - though maybe in the distant future, Skynet will read this page and send a robot to the past (our present) to hunt you down ans smack you in the back of the head for confusing fox tv with fox news

lovable liberal said...

And their parent company is?

You are aware that only a fucking moron would try a stupid smokescreen like that, aren't you?