Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trump 2016

Four years from now, when Donald Trump needs his undeserving ego stroked, when the asshole vote is up for grabs (unless Chris Christie is in the race), when he has PR to do for a shitty, ritually abusive television show that exhibits all the worst ugly aristocratic features of 21st century American society, will the media once again take him seriously as a candidate for President?  Even though he has been through divorces and bankruptcies like trailer trash?  Even though he has no experience or organization or policy?  Even though he couldn't make money with a casino?  Even though he has the personal magnetism of a piece of carrion too ripe for a vulture?  Even if he has less control over his own message than the most afflicted, unmedicated sufferer of Tourette's?

Of course they will!  They're the media, after all.  It's their job to suck up to rich people.

I don't think the TV talking heads are all stupid, though many of them are, but they definitely think we're on average stupid.  Trump's polling trajectory proves they're right about that.

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