Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Privatization of your taxes

First, charter schools cost more with lesser results for a student population that should have had higher achievement.

Now, it's true of prisons too.  Privatized prisons in Arizona cost more than state-run prisons.  And they don't take the most expensive inmates, which should make it easy for them to have a lower average cost.  The libertarian advocates of all things private could then have made a bogus claim that they were saving money, and they would have been able to make a bullshit argument that they had complied with the law that requires cost savings for taxpayers.  But, no, they have Republicans to defend their extra costs, so no worries.

Charter schools, private prisons, both ways to transfer money from unionized public employees to wealthy investors, screwing middle class taxpayers.  If that's not a perfect microcosm of Republican policy, I don't know any that's better.  Winner take all!

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