Sunday, May 15, 2011

Democrats blow the media

Democrats once again prove their incomprehension of modern American big media.  You would think that, in the past 30 years, they would have figured out that the media makes no judgements whatsoever whether the Republicans are obviously bullshitting.  The so-called non-partisan political media is a meeting facilitator.  The talk show yappers won't check facts.  They don't interview skeptically.  They ask what appear to be challenging questions, but they won't follow up to flag obvious lies and lying liars for the audience.

The yappers think that's fine.  They view their job as giving the sides the opportunity to make their cases, nothing more.

Their performance reveals this.  Starkly.  Democrats, who haven't yet cottoned onto it, are slow learners.  Or too lazy to show up on Sunday mornings.

Of course, I'm only writing about those talking heads who regard themselves as objective.  Everyone on Fox and the other right-wing propaganda outlets does their biased best to make Republicans look good.


Anonymous said...

Why does Fox fair and balanced get all you lib's pantys in a twist? Because they tell the truth you can't handle. LOL

lovable liberal said...

In other words, the lies...