Monday, May 2, 2011

The next wingnut contrive-versy

Sharia burial!  Give it a few days...  The birthers need a new so-called issue.

Never mind that the consensus seems to be that burial at sea accords with some Muslim customs and not with others.  The wingnuts don't care about facts.  They have an entire disinformation apparatus to make up any bullshit they need.

And they need to go through the day in a constant state of outrage and alienation from everyone who's not in their tribe.

Yesterday morning, they resented Osama bin Laden continuing to breathe.  Today, they resent that President Obama directed the effort to find and capture or kill him.  And they're thanking Duhbya, whose every major move and attitude gave punishment of al Qaeda the short shrift in his failed geopolitical game of Risk.


Anonymous said...

No way Osama is really dead. You don't believe this burial at sea crap do you? If Obama was a good Muslim, he would of buried Obama in Saudi facing mecca.

lovable liberal said...

That makes about as much sense as putting your dick in a cotton gin. Why don't you give that a try?