Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Waking up

The good news is that even a reflexively centrist conciliator such as President Barack Obama has limits to the bullshit he'll tolerate from the ignoramus caucus of the Party of No:

"It doesn't matter who he chooses, there is going to be a big 'ol fight over it. So he doesn't have to get sidetracked by those sorts of concerns," the official told me. The GOP has attempted to obstruct "anything of consequence" put forth by the Obama administration since he took office, the official said. "The president is making this decision with a pretty clear view that whoever he chooses is going to provoke a strong reaction on the right," the official added.
My recommendation:
  • On John Paul Stevens's replacement, fight visibly and without bending with the Senate Republicans, win or lose.
  • If they succeed at their filibuster, no need to go nuclear. Make a recess appointment at the first opportunity.
  • On January 3, 2011, get whoever is the Senate Majority Leader to kill the filibuster, not to mention the unconscionable system of secret holds. Through overuse, they've outlived their function of caution and become the obstructive tool of a bunch of two-year-olds throwing tantrums.
  • Gain Senate confirmation of your recess appointee with fifty-whatever votes you have.
  • Call Mitch McConnell and sweetly tell him to go fuck himself. With a chainsaw.

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