Monday, April 26, 2010

This climate did change

Lindsay Graham (R-what passes for semi-reasonable, especially in the lunatic politics of South Carolina) didn't bolt from his work with John Kerry on carbon emissions and climate change because of some poisonous and high-handed change in the Senate calendar by Harry Reid. (Note to journalists: The fact that Graham claimed that is, ahem, a lie, though you're all far too whipped to say that.)

Graham found the excuse he needed to go full metal wingnut to appease the ignoramus caucus, now the dominant Republican faction. He had previously pushed to speed up on immigration reform. What he really wants is to regain the good graces of his teabagger constituents. Absent Reid's own electoral need to respond to his neighboring state's new law on driving while Mexican, Graham would have found something else - "Your necktie, Mr. Majority Leader, is an obamanation, uh, abomination up with which I shall not put!"

None of this flanking right will work for Graham. Not only did he once say something agreeable to a Democrat - and you know the Democrat Party is bent on the satanic destruction of the Holy United States of Neo-Confederate America - Graham also isn't married to an acceptably deferential Southern Baptist woman with whom to play hide the salami. Instead, he's a bachelor, so there are three choices, none of them acceptable to the ig-caucus:

  • He ain't gittin' none.
  • He's a goddamned fornic-, fernicat-, furni-, aw hell, playboy, and that means he ain't p-whipped like me.
  • He's one a them other kinds a teabagger, the kind that oughta be stoned - and I don't mean on no pot - stoned according to our lord Jesus Christ the prince of peace's dad, who sure as hell wasn't no damn hippie freak believer in not castin' the first stone at them types a folks.
What changed for Graham was Doug Hoffman, Marco Rubio, and now - incredibly - three even wingier candidates who find Utah's Bob Bennett to be not frothingly extreme enough, at least in part because they would prefer to be living through the Second Great Depression right about now. Hey, they have a year's food stockpiled, right? Graham doesn't want to follow Dede Scozzafava, though she is far more moderate than he is, nor especially Charlie Crist.

Teabaggers and the Republican right - you couldn't pry them apart with a crowbar - want fire and brimstone from their pols. No more laws! The Ten Commandments are enough (even though there are actually 11 or 12 of them, but who's counting?). Not even laws based on Republican proposals, and especially never any real liberalism.

What they want is more of the aptly named Jim Dement, sorry, DeMint. And Republicans everywhere are falling all over themselves to give the crazy extreme wingnuttitude to them.


Jeremiah said...

I'll never understand why political debate has to be so mean spirited. It's okay to disagree, America was founded on disagreements. It also founded on freedom of expression and freedom of religion. I take issue with people who cannot seem to depress their disagreements without hurling insults. I thought liberals prided themselves on tolerance, I hardly think referring to peaceful protesters names like teabaggers is showing respect and tolerance.

lovable liberal said...

Peaceful? Not universally...

But they called themselves teabaggers early on - until they found its other, gay meaning. I just decline to switch now that they have.

I guess I'm being an asshole just like all those people who call my party the Democrat Party for the sheer sake of annoyance. Or I could just start listing wingnut windbags and all the ugly things they've ever said about me and mine. Ann Coulter alone would make my rudeness seem sweet.

The upshot: Grow a thicker skin. I did.

Jeremiah said...

First of all I believe the first person to use the term was a liberal commentator. Secondly you didn't grow a thick skin. If you did the insults would roll off and they haven't which is evident in your retellitary rudeness. You respond in kind because their insults bother you. I have q think skin, I'm Jewish, my people are born with thick skins. I'm simply saying the hateful tone that's prevelent in political debate will only change if both sides stop hurling insults and engage in civil conversations on the issues. And I know some will claim Obama tried that with his health care summit. But watch it, I did and it wasn't civil. The democrats are acting like bullies and are mad the minority party isn't staying quiet and is causing trouble for them. And what's your definition odlf peaceful? Have there been shooting? Beatings? Riots? Not that I'm aware of.

lovable liberal said...

It's hysterical when conservatives want civility. Not in a good way...

You think Obama wasn't civil!? You think disagreeing with you is uncivil. Aye, there's the problem.

Grow a thicker skin. You weren't actually born with one just because your parents grew one. That would be Lamarckian, a well-known failed theory.

lovable liberal said...

Here we go. A "proud teabagger"!

There are some good comments, too. I especially like this one.