Saturday, April 3, 2010

Top scofflaws

Second only to frankly criminal organizations, the most impactful evaders of the law in America are corporations. Minimum wage? Pfft!

Try to fight back, and they'll lobby with paid-for politicians to deprive you of representation:

“We’re going to tell legislators all over the state, if they want to play hardball by trying to kneecap industry in Baton Rouge,” said the Louisiana Chemical Association president, Dan BornĂ©, “then we should play hardball and kneecap them with their state appropriations.”
Yes, there are many, many corporations in America, so some of them are bound to neglect all restraint on their profit motives. There are stories in the press about them every day. Yet hardly anyone hates corporations universally the way a large minority of people viscerally despise unions, which are corrupt much less often in any time period.

Maybe it's because those of us with rational mature perspective, who judge unions and corporations alike individually for what each does, are all liberals. Certainly, the insane branch of conservatism, which more and more often looks like the predominant branch, commonly lumps members of a category together and prejudges them - unions, minorities, Muslims, liberals, women, crash victims, government officials, and you name it.

If you don't believe me, take a look at the wingnuts in any newspapers comment threads. They're not just misanthropic. They're dysanthropic.

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