Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rush has a heart

Who knew!

I don't wish the man dead. Off the air, sure, but not dead.

Just imagine, though, the application of the Republican Le Chatelier's principle to Rush's chest pains. In response to every economic act - and especially the economic acts of the government - conservatives claim:

  • Those who need help deserve what they got, whether it's the result of sex or business conditions or mere proximity to a social problem.
  • Offering help only encourages more wrong behavior.
This reflects their own introspection into their character, I think. They know that they look to exploit rather than thank every helping hand, so they assume that everyone else must, as well.

Since that's how Rush would take it (and take it and take it), I wouldn't want to encourage more corpulence, smoking, drug abuse, and bile from Limbaugh. Even though I don't wish him dead, I'm not wasting any sympathy on him. After all, that would just encourage him to have a full-blown heart attack.

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