Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Insurance principle

CIGNA, whose Senator scuttled the last vestiges of reform in health care "reform", just sent me an explanation of benefits. There's quite a little bit of corporate bullshit in that misnomer. For one thing, it's not about a benefit. For another, it's not an explanation. It says, as cryptically and indecipherably as possible, that the previous EOB that didn't abuse the word 'benefit' was wrong, that I would indeed have to pay $3400. I suppose non-explanation of non-benefit would be too ... honest.

I'm sure it was just coincidental that this happened within a month of my signing up again for another year of their health insurance.

Hint: The Democrats (my Democrats) are not going to change this at all. I can't wait to see their bullshit EOB.

Updated 12/16.

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