Monday, December 14, 2009

Gone but not forgotten

Click image for full Tom Tomorrow/Salon cartoon.

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Lina-solopoesie said...

I saw that you put a picture of President Obama
A person normal person, it is a fact, I admire very much that either one, the fact that it is the first black president, is unique!

And then, America will be ancehe3 Country multiraziale, but it is vast and its vastness, it also contains many ideologies, not least those directed at racism. Will be doubly hard for him to lead the country in the right direction, because racism has not yet been eradicated.

Do not expect to live out this page of history. Currently only the American science fiction film had dared to hope for a president of 'black America.
Today 's America continued to be a beacon for democracy: how many states follow its example? When will we see in Muslim countries or Chinese Buddhist or a Catholic president, or Hindu?

Americans now no longer interested in skin color
count programs projects
what you want to do
This prompted people to choose it.
Congratulations to all of you for choosing a good president that we in Italy has yet to be born a man so ..
HELLO A kiss and an embrace