Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bigot of Binghamton

Moderating comments discourages comments. It's intended to discourage comments. So why did I turn it on? Don't I want comments?

Sure, I want to hear from you. Nearly all of you. I have no problem with conservative comments, not even with blithering wingnut comments. I just give them the back of my rhetorical hand.

Since October, however, I've been the target of a racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic asshole who won't go away. He calls himself Deer Crusher. He's more a Bambi Suck-off. (You do remember that Bambi was a male fawn, don't you?)

DC/BS is clearly a loser with nothing better to do than spam my comment threads with ugly vicious crap (e.g. "Race mixing = nigger in a bottle." or "My real name is Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz and I'm a jew communist. I eat Gentile babies and floss my filthy teeth with nigger pubic hair.") . And this is the same guy who said, "Sorry people but racism no longer exists in America." Guess he can't stand to look in the mirror. Can't say I blame him for that.

He has spammed here even on Saturday nights; who would date such a pea-brained dickless shithead! The upside of that, of course, is that this cretin won't breed and pass his bigotry on to another generation, as his father probably did. (Hey, maybe his mother left his father for a kind and intelligent black man!) The downside is that Bambi Suck-off has nothing better to do than seek out any attention he can get, no matter how negative. His is a personality type that will often descend to violence.

Because he shows up at times when normal people have something else to do, probably involving socializing (shudder!) with other y'know people, I know that he gets his Internet access in Binghamton, NY. Yep, there are bigots everywhere.

So, if you're out there reading and lurking and you're not Bambi Suck-off, please feel free to comment. Unless you're a soulmate of the bigot of Binghamton, I'll publish your comment, and I'll try to get it done quickly.

I may bitch slap you for stupidity too, but that's rare, and there you'll be with your name up in pixels anyway.

Update (12/22): In his on-going whining ineffectual attempts at harassment, BS claims that I was mean to him from the start. You be the judge.

Yet after all this time, the best he can do is call me an asshole. Which is basically where he started - along with 'communist' and a host of other playground epithets not worthy of a 12-year-old.

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