Monday, December 15, 2008

Who'd take a shoe for this man?

When I first heard about this, it was described as much slower to develop. I heard that the Secret Service was asleep at the switch, but that's not true. Nonetheless, I hope the sharpest agents are where we need them - with Barack Obama.

The incensed Iraqi got both shoes off quickly. Good thing he wasn't throwing Robert Reid's shoes. (I'm sure this group was well searched before entering the room even for a surprise visit.) I hear the Yankees are sending a scout, since their still not satisfied with their pitching for 2009.

Duhbya showed some excellent reflexes. If Nouri al-Maliki had been the target, he'd have taken the pair smack in the kisser.

In the grand scheme of things, this was offensive but still pretty minor. Duhbya's crimes are much larger. Even so, the so-called journalist should be punished with some suitable community service that insults his dignity.

And Duhbya should keep his Secret Service detail right up until the day he starts his sentence at Leavenworth.

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AdamS said...

This will go down in history as one of the memorable actions of civil it too much to compare it to the burning Buddhist monk or the Tank Man?

The guy who did it has received broken bones and internal bleeding, I hear. I hope he is freed soon...oh well, at least Libya gave him an award. And he's an international hero.

I shouldn't say it, but in many ways I wish Bush hadn't ducked.