Friday, December 12, 2008

Asshole of the day

Lately, I've been reading comments in newspaper web sites. I know, what a waste of precious time. But keep thinking I should post about the stupidest of them. The problem is that I have been cutting back on blogging time, and that means less time to winnow out the truly epoch-making stupid from the garden variety kind. You'd think in fairness that I should at least read for a half hour to try to find something really bad.

But no. Some of the mean stupids call out for immediate ridicule, even if there's undoubtedly someone else saying something even meaner and even dumber somewhere on the Intertoobz. Here's a good one for today.

In response to an item about the death of a woman in a one-car accident, some alleged human who calls himself reefer has this to say:

I really don't want my tax money going to a rebuilding of this intersection. I see people all the time entering this ramp at 65mph or better. There is no cure for stupidity.
I see this sort of thing all the time. A lot of people out there don't believe in safety measures of any kind. They don't believe in public health. They'd rather let people continue to die than to remedy a danger. They think that people who die deserve it, and that they, still living, must therefore be superior.

Fucking assholes. (I don't think my language is too strong.)

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David Aaron said...

If anything, you're showing admirable restraint in your language. Because I'm so afraid I'd break down into a cursing rant, I haven't been posting to my blog very regularly at all since Bush "won" the second election.