Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rush for the exits

It's probably too much to hope for to dream that Rush Limbaugh, founder of the no-bigger-asshole school of conservative bullying, will change his bigoted behavior.  But it would be lovely if he got paid ever less to give cover to wingnut assholes as they pollute our national discourse with hatred and ignorance.

[O]n the one hand, we have multiple radio companies reporting losses directly attributable to Limbaugh's show as well as Limbaugh himself complaining about media buyers. On the other hand, we have an unnamed source close to Limbaugh's show denying reality about Limbaugh's advertiser woes and attacking one of the host's biggest affiliates.


Anonymous said...

Stop slobbering Fidel, Rush is in firm command of the #1 spot in the nation. I love it how you commies get all excited when you 'think' that Rush is any kind of trouble. Rush's heart attack....sorry to disappoint you. The Sandra Fluke description...sorry Joseph Stalin but it didn't get legs no matter how hard you Leninists try to make something of it. Just get comfortable with the fact that Mr. Limbaugh will be in your life for the foreseeable future.

lovable liberal said...

Of course you love Rush. You're an asshole, and he makes you feel less alone.

Fidel? Funny. If liberals were communists, you'd already be buried out back.

But then you're still calling President Obama a socialist with the Dow above 15,000. Stoopid!

Anonymous said...

If you and your ilk had your way, I'd already be dead. THAT makes you a Communist along with the policies you endorse and push for. I have no doubt that the last thing you see at night is the giant poster of Van Jones you have hanging above your bed. I have never referred to the regime leader as a Socialist. I call him what he is...a n----- Communist. What did I tell you about this anti bot crap Kim?

lovable liberal said...

Slur censored from comment above.

Really, my troll is stoopid and eeevil - America's teabagger asshole, perhaps slightly out of the mainstream of conservatism but Rush Limpballs's core audience and not that far from the GOP regulars.