Wednesday, May 8, 2013

David Vitter watch, day 2137, give or take

Today is a great day in the annals (two Ns, so shut up!) of Republican lying adulterers. Mark Sanford (R-only a sin to be a Democrat) will never again be seriously challenged by a Democratic candidate.

According to those exit polls, Mr. Sanford held a three-to-one lead among voters who described themselves as liars, cheaters, or sleazebags.
Once again, the majority of a conservative electorate has proven more committed to ideology than to the personal virtue they bullshit about whenever Ted Kennedy is the topic of conversation.

No big loss, really. Colbert Busch was never going to hold that seat past 2014. Now the Republicans are stuck with Sanford.

Maybe he, Vitter, and their role model, Newt Gingrich, should rent a limo with the up-suspension package and triple date. Oh, the stories they could tell to entertain their dates!


Anonymous said...

I love it when you lefties throw a hissy fit. Take a good look at the race Chairman Mao and you will understand. Sanford had baggage and so did your ho Colbert. The people of SC decided that being related to a talentless scumbag on television was more baggage than they could stand for.

I would prefer all Republicans not to be adulterers but I prefer any of them to the best you commies have to offer.

lovable liberal said...

Project much?

You're the one hissing.

I merely noted that your principles don't amount to a hill of horseshit when ideology's on the line.

Since you admit this in so many words, I'd have to say that a dope-slap on you would be an insult to dopes.