Saturday, May 4, 2013

GOP helps al Qaeda get guns right here in the USA

Really? If the shoe were on the other foot, that's what Republicans would claim.

Even al-Qaida gloats about what's possible under U.S. gun laws. In June 2011, a senior al-Qaida operative, Adam Gadahn, released rallying people to take advantage of opportunities those laws provide.

"America is absolutely awash with easily obtainable firearms," Gadahn says, explaining that "you can go down to a gun show at the local convention center" and buy a gun without a background check.

Then a faint smile crosses Gadahn's face. "So what are you waiting for?" he asks.

Under current laws, if a background check reveals that your name is on the national terrorism watch list, you're still free to walk out of a gun dealership with a firearm in your hands — as long as you don't have a criminal or mental health record.
Republicans in the Senate really did block any tightening of background checks - including measures obvious to anyone who actually wants to keep deadly weapons away from violent people. Read the whole (short) NPR story from Ailsa Chang. It's really effing unbelievable.

The honest truth is that nearly all Republican legislators are willing to allow felons and people who are dangerously mentally ill to own guns. Why should potential terrorists be any different?

The Republican Party's leaders think the only point at which we can stop violence is once it has already started - every school, every theater, every political rally an O.K. Corral.

Even rank and file Republican voters know that this is utter madness. You'd think they might do something about it.


Steve Finnell said...

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Anonymous said...

Is this the same as how the current administration made sure that Mexican drug cartels had all the weapons they needed to kill as many people as possible....including a U.S. Border Patrol Officer? The OP is a stretch to say the least but Fast and Furious really happened. Like attempt to demonize the political right while not being able to see past your own nose Pinocchio.

lovable liberal said...

Al Qaeda, bitch!

Lemme see, who started Fast and Furious?

Of course, you completely miss the meta point about GOP demonization, which makes you, again, unqualified to comment.

And what the hell do you mean by "the OP"?

Anonymous said...

"You'd think they might do something about it."

No, we don't care. If you and your liberal friends want something, that is reason enough to be against it.

It's not necessary to argue with liberals - it is popular - just refuse to allow any legislation they want.

This alleged dysfunctional congress should be the permanent model.

lovable liberal said...

Oh, sorry, did you think I meant to include you in the 92%? No, sorry, of course you wouldn't want to do anything to keep the asshole caucus from destroying the governability of America.

Anonymous said...

Now that made me laugh out loud. That is exactly what I and others want. It is headed that way now, and we could not have down without the progressives, so pat yourself on the back. It's screeds from people like you (and me) that will ensure that happy denouement.

lovable liberal said...

Say hi to Tim McVeigh, will ya?

Anonymous said...

Sure will, if you will give regards to William Ayers.

lovable liberal said...


That sulfur you smell may clue you into how bad a bargain you've made, while I'll only have to travel to Chicago and look up someone whose ideology I've never shared.