Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sore losers

... and I do mean losers:

[W]e learned last week that three disgruntled Republican lawmakers – including two from Greater Nashua – actually thought it was a good idea to file a formal petition of removal and criminal complaints against 189 of their fellow representatives.

Specifically, Londonderry Rep. Al Baldasaro, Goffstown Rep. John Hikel and Merrimack Rep. Lenette Peterson filed an “emergency petition for redress,” calling for removing the 189 from office for “breaching their oath” and for their criminal prosecution for “violating federal law.”

The offense?

Voting for legislation that would reset the standard for self-defense to what had existed with little fanfare for more than three decades. They claim any change would violate their right to bear arms to protect themselves and their property.
Republicans used to whine - pathetically and without justification - that Democrats were "criminalizing policy differences." They made this fantastic claim in defense of Tom DeLay (R-screw campaign finance laws), only appropriate in the sense that DeLay himself made the phrase popular.

Now, these New Hampshire gun-toting wingnuts want criminal complaints because, in the exercise of their representation of their constituents, their political opponents voted in a way that made them cry.

Crocodile tears from fantastically ridiculous infantile crazies...

They prove yet again that many Republicans oppose the idea of democracy every time it goes against them.


Anonymous said...

If you want to talk about your sore losers, then how about a mention about the cocoa communist himself? He threw a presidential tantrum the other day, flanked by the likes of Joe ding bat and Gabby no-brainer, just because he didn't get his way on further restricting the Rights of Americans. I wonder if there will be a repeat over the Senate rejection of the UN small arms "treaty." Maybe George Lucas can send Chewbacca over to the White House again at tax payer expense to console the defeated one.

lovable liberal said...

Amidst the larded insults, it's clear you don't understand the difference between speaking out for one's opinion and suing to suppress someone else's. Yep, you're a wingnut.