Thursday, April 18, 2013

Media performance after the Boston Marathon bombing

Or, should I say, non-performance?

My observations:
  • CNN really truly sucks at journalism., though, is still a useful source of breaking news.
  • Fox I avoid on general principles, but they can manage breaking stories in between the toxic bigotry of their opinion personalities. I watched a little Shepard Smith on Monday while the story was still news and not yet another opportunity to push invidious delusions into the puke funnel of the VRWC.
  • MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is vital for background. Her competitors who lean backward into infotainment breathlessly reported on pressure cooker bombs, as if everyone knew what that meant. She actually reported it.
  • Both the Boston Globe and the New York Times web sites failed. To judge by the Globe's subsequent removal of access controls, they may lack enough oomph in their user authentication servers.
  • NECN was o.k. for a while, but then reported that Boston was being evacuated on the strength of one cop with a bullhorn. Panic, people, panic! But keep watching!
  • Any media outlet that gives Alex Jones a platform cannot be trusted.
  • Infotainment is the norm:

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