Friday, April 19, 2013

Department of duh

There's a "sweeping" new report that '“it is indisputable that the United States engaged in the practice of torture” and that the nation’s highest officials bore ultimate responsibility for it.'

Ho hum. The only aspect of this that's really newsworthy is that a Republican signed onto it.

The Bushists chose to torture.

They wrote memos to exculpate their choice to torture, covering their asses with a thin tissue of lies that redefined the word torture. Torturously redefined the word. (Tortuously, too.)

They have escaped all legal responsibility for their actions. (Like bankers!)

Note that the New York Times is still too chickenshit to call torture torture outside of direct quotes. Instead, they continue to adopt the weaselly newspeak of the Bushists:  "coercive interrogation methods used by the administration of President George W. Bush."

Until we restore truth-telling to a position of actual respect, not mere lip service, our cultural decline will continue.


Anonymous said...

"Until we restore truth-telling to a position of actual respect, not mere lip service, our cultural decline will continue."

Is that like when Obama refers to our war on terror as an "overseas contingency operation."

Or when Obama proclaimed that his health care proposal was "deficit neutral." Then he later admitted that it would cost 990 billion in the first ten years. Now CBO estimates are three times that amount.

You are in no position to suggest that the Republicans are lying about anything Kim.

Anonymous said...

BTW asshole, congratulations on finally figuring out how to allow postings without the spam filter. You may eventually assimilate into the digital age after all.

lovable liberal said...

Your people do it, too - that's the best you've got? No real surprise there.

As for your "truths," war on terror was from the start a stupid phrase. President Obama has done everything your moronic neocons failed to do.

Then you want to claim that consciously planned lies buttressed in advance with legalistic, sophistical bullshit, earn the same moral opprobrium (look it up) as projections that turn out to be off by 25%. The CBO also notes that Obamacare is bending the cost curve for government spending on healthcare more than expected.

You're a typical dishonest wingnut.

Probably a small, non-functional willie, too...

Anonymous said...

I think the perp(s) responsible for the bombings in Boston should be tortured. They should be kept alive for as long as possible and tortured constantly to within an inch of their lives for as many years as possible. This would be the punishment for an "infidel" if the situation was reversed. This is called justice in the real world. You have the nerve to post a pic of a now dead little boy holding a "peace" billboard. Peace is something these monsters know NOTHING about. You cannot fight monsters with peace and compassion. They know only violence and death. They must be met on their own terms if the evil they promote and conduct is to be defeated. Only fools like you will allow these sadistic animals to continue their craft of murdering innocent women and children.

lovable liberal said...

Another stupid, baseless assertion on your part is that I'm not computer literate, when there's no doubt I know more than you do.

Why is it that wingnuts are so open to making statements that are false with so little embarrassment on their part?

I've been working in the software industry for decades.

lovable liberal said...

Of course you're in favor of torture. That's probably how you get your rocks off.

You and your fellow teabaggers simply have no idea of the liberal principles this country was founded on. Many of your are simpleton savages who would do to others the stupidest, most savage things you can think of in your infantile minds.

Just like those assholes who don't know the meaning of peace, you moronic think that peace is simply to be a bigger asshole. Well, you are competitive in that department, no doubt.