Monday, January 23, 2012

Never give up a lie

The bullshit continues, this time in Georgia, where an administrative judge believes he has the power to compel the President to appear and prove the birthers wrong. Even though he has done this over and over and over again.

It's time to start fucking these people up, by which I mean ruining their fucking lives, not injuring their bodies. The judge, the plaintiff, the plaintiff's attorney (Orly Taitz, the Fred Phelps of birtherism, rebuffed at every turn and even sanctioned for it but still insane enough to continue her abuse of the legal system), and anyone who funded this nullificationism. It's time to find out what they've done wrong and make it known - to their wives, to their creditors, to the press.

It's long past time to stop being nice, to start taking no prisoners. Figuratively.

Start with Orly Taitz. Find the lies in her naturalization record - maybe she's a planted late Soviet era sleeper - revoke her citizenship, and deport her worthless insane ass back to Russia.

Yeah, it's going on in Alabama too. Neo-confederate assholes.

Republicans can only win in the long run if they lie and cheat.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Orly Taitz was born in the Soviet Union. So, enamored and beguiled by a godless Communist Soviet Agent and her false witnesses the Punk Ass Bitch Republicans and their brain washed Self-Appointed Chicken Hawk He-Man America Defenders have allowed themselves to made fools of as Taitz has paraded ridiculous Kenyan Birth Certificate forgeries and outlandish lawsuits.

But, all it takes is one Bigoted Judge...

lovable liberal said...

She's only made fools of them if they realize it. So far, they're not discerning enough, many of them, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Oh Snap!!!!

So much hate and intollerance here! What would your fellow liberals think of this? Isn't tollerance and understanding the cornerstone of the progressive mindset?

lovable liberal said...

You just don't know what to do with a liberal who smacks you weak wingnut fools around, do you?

Tolerance has nothing to do with letting morons continue to be stupid and immoral unopposed.

But I think you were looking for civility in your vast, misspelled vocabulary. Truth comes first. Liberals are often too civil, when they should stand up to pusillanimous wingnut bullies like you.