Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Battle for second

Can anyone tell me how it is that CNN's alleged liberalism allowed the headline Romney, Huntsman tie in midnight New Hampshire vote, when President Obama actually out-polled them in Dixville Notch, NH?

Riiight, not the liberal media.


Anonymous said...

It’s quite simple Vladimir, the Communist News Network would fire Wolf Blitzer if it would guarantee Romney or Huntsman would get the Republican nod. I turn green when CNN anchors have such admiration for Conservative imposters like the two shills Mitt and Jon. The leftist media, as always, is doing everything it can to choose the Republican nominee because they are weak and don’t offer a clear choice to the voters. Romney as the challenger = game over for America.

lovable liberal said...

It's quite simple, Adolf. If you think the media is leftist, you lean so far to the right that the morning sun shines out your asshole every time you open your mouth - 'cause it's clear of bullshit by comparison.

Sane people know that the Republican field is a ridiculous batch of witless extremists. But you don't.

The corporate media has pimped every single not-Romney there is, yet you think they are putting the fix in for him. Nope. He's buying the nomination because he and the GOP think everything is and should be for sale. Craven sycophantic pricks.

You should feel right at home. Except that you're not rich enough that they actually give a shit about you. They just use you and sell you down the river, but that's your fault for being a credulous dipshit imbecile.

lovable liberal said...

Cleaning out my inbox, and the first comment struck me as hilariously anachronistic - the wingnuts are still obsessing about the Russians. They just can't give up a cherished enemy.